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Amazing vegetables are loading the shelves from the fall harvest, and they offer so much for your family's plates! They can be baked, mashed, roasted, sliced, sauced and more - there's endless inspiration to be found. Here's how to use six popular fruits and vegetables, from savoury breakfast options to dinner recipes to side dishes and beyond.

Get to know your fall produce

Grouping of sweet potatoes on a white counter with one of them cut in half.

Sweet potatoes

  • Roast them: Add these beauties to classic scalloped potatoes for a hit of sweetness.
  • Mash them: Sprinkle chives over a mix of mashed sweet and regular spuds for a more colourful side.
  • Have them for dessert: Swap sweet potatoes for pumpkin in everyone's fave Thanksgiving pie
Trio of beets with one of them cut in half on a white counter.


  • Roast them: Toss with maple-mustard vinaigrette for a roasted beet salad
  • Mash them: Boil and mash with tahini and spices for a tasty hummus.
  • Have them for dessert: Shred and bake into a luscious chocolate cake
A bunch of multi-coloured carrots on a white counter.


Pair of baking pumpkins on a white counter top.


A butternut squash cut in half laying next to a whole one on a white counter.

Butternut squash

  • Roast them: Layer roasted squash, granola and yogurt for a savoury-sweet breakfast parfait.
  • Mash them: Purée with sweet spices to create an amazing spread for toast, scones, pancakes and waffles!
  • Have them for dessert: Bake it into a simple yet decadent chocolate loaf cake to enjoy with afternoon tea or coffee.
Bunch of raw, skin-on parsnips on a white countertop.


  • Roast them: Toss and roast parsnips in a mixture of grated Parm and spices. Crispy, sweet heaven!
  • Mash them: Skip the taters and mash parsnips instead. Add a bit of cream cheese and buttermilk for tang.
  • Have them for dessert: Sub in parsnips for carrots in your dessert recipes. Parsnip cake , anyone?
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