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Can I apply for employment with Safeway online?

Yes! To learn about employment opportunities at one of our stores, feel free to apply in person. For all other employment opportunities in our retail stores, warehouse, manufacturing and distribution facilities or our corporate offices visit the Careers section of our website.


What products does Safeway exclude from its promotions?

Alcohol, tobacco, stamps, event tickets, lottery tickets, gift cards, money orders and prescriptions not paid for by the customer.

This is a partial list with the most common excluded items. Provincial and local laws or agreements can determine what items are excluded. For a complete list of the items that apply to your area, please call us toll free at: 1-800-723-3929


What is the AIR MILES® Reward Program?

The AIR MILES® Reward Program is Canada’s premiere coalition loyalty program allowing AIR MILES® Collectors to turn their everyday purchases like groceries and prescriptions into rewards their whole family will love, such as dream vacations, home theatres or an evening at the movies. Unlike other frequent shopper programs, AIR MILES® reward miles can be earned at more than 120 Sponsors across Canada.