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Safeway is doing OurPart™ to secure and support workers by offering fairtrade certified products. What does Fairtade Certification do? It helps ensure business commitment to improved living standards, working conditions, and wages, which can all have a positive environmental impact.

Through the purchase of Fairtrade-grown products in our Safeway locations, you can also show your support. From Fairtrade bananas and flowers to coffee and chocolate, we want to make it an ethical, easy-to-make choice to support farmers across the globe.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a recognized certification program that assists in ensuring fair pay, safe working conditions and verified social impact for farmers and workers.

When buying products with the Fairtrade Mark, you support farmers and workers. Better prices for their products, decent working conditions and local sustainability efforts help improve their lives and their communities.

What are the key benefits of Fairtrade?

For over 30 years, Fairtrade has driven social justice by changing trade. Farmers own 50% of the Fairtrade certification organization, meaning these standards are informed by the workers it directly impacts. The purchase of Fairtrade products makes a difference in the lives of those who grow some of our favourite products, from bananas, coffee, and cacao, to flowers and beyond.

What is the Fairtrade Premium?

For every product sold, an additional Fairtrade Premium is given back to communities. This allows for additional community investment, including in the health, education, clean drinking water, and insurance sectors.

What Fairtrade products does Safeway carry?

We proudly carry a variety of Fairtrade-marked products to help make a difference in the lives of both growers, workers and you, our customers.


Click the icons below to learn more about Fairtrade Bananas, Coffee, Cocoa and Flowers.


By purchasing bananas at the Fairtrade Minimum Price, this covers the costs of production and offers some stability. So regardless of economic changes, the worker is paid a living wage and can provide for their families. Consumers play a key part - the higher the sales of Fairtrade bananas, the more the benefits for producers accrue.


125 million people around the world depend on coffee for their livelihoods, yet many are unable to earn a reliable living from this beloved and valuable crop.

We're proud to offer: Compliments Fairtrade coffees, as well as other brands.


There is no chocolate without cocoa. Fairtrade practices in the cocoa industry work to address a far from equitable system, including curtailing child labour, unjust wages and working conditions for cocoa growers and workers everywhere.

We're proud to offer these Fairtrade chocolates: Compliments Organic Chocolate with Sea Salt, Organic Chocolate with Roasted Almonds or Organic Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs.


Fresh flowers can offer even more than a gorgeous splash of colour and scent to our work and living spaces. Fairtrade flowers help to provide decent work conditions, improved wages and transparency for workers through digital databases.

We are proud to offer Fairtrade flowers in select floral departments.

News on Sustainability at Safeway

When our environment is cared for, future generations will be, too. By doing OurPart™ for the environment, we hope to inspire you to do yours. Every step we take together - big or small - can make a difference.

Click here to read stories on how we're making sustainability a priority.

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