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Different Beef Cuts

Fresh Boneless Bottom Sirloin Tri Tip Grilling Steak or Premium Oven Roast

Type of beef cut: Versatile. Boneless, lean and full of flavour. Tri-tip is great for grilling, oven roasting, broiling, or smoking. It's a great choice for those looking for lean cuts. While it is considered both a roast and a steak, it also slices like brisket!


Boneless Strip Loin Steak

Type of beef cut: A tender and lean cut, strip steak is great for grilling. Also referred to as a New York or Kansas City strip, it's a popular choice in steakhouses. If you want to experiment with steak beyond the grill, try cooking strip steak in a skillet or broiling it.


Flank Steak

Type of beef cut: A thin, leanly muscled beef cut. As a tougher cut with a thick grain and more intense beef flavour, it takes well to marinades, grilling and fast frying. Best sliced against the grain when preparing.


Tenderloin Roast

Type of beef cut: Tender, juicy and flavourful. It can be cooked many ways with a variety of seasonings, using nothing more than a bit of salt and pepper will still yield a delicious dinner main. Enjoy it oven-roasted, broiled, or grilled!


Top Round Steak

Type of beef cut: A lean, muscled beef cut. Versatile, but best when slow cooked or broiled (but don't count out the grill or skillet!). As cuts from this part of the animal are used for movement, they are extra-lean; but don't let the lack of fat fool you - this is a very flavourful piece of beef.


Sirloin Tip Side Roast

Type of beef cut: A lean, muscled beef cut best for stewing or braising where the meat will tenderize nicely under a low and slow cooking environment. Among the most budget-friendly of lean beef cuts, the sirloin tip side roast offers a lot of flavour and flexibility to your menu for less cost.


Chuck Tender Roast

Type of beef cut: Lean, tender and richly beefy in flavour and cut from the shoulder area. It's a great beef cut for stewing, slow cooking or roasting in a pot, which allows it to tenderize.


Top Sirloin Filet

Type of beef cut: Lean and tender. Top sirloin is a popular choice with beef lovers, known for its versatility and robust beefy flavour. It's a favourite for grilling and does very well in marinades and sauces. And with the budget-friendly cost of this cut, you can make it a frequent addition to your menu.


Lean Ground Beef

Type of beef cut: Ground. There's no more versatile and flexible choice than ground beef! It's an easy pick for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any fun occasion, and lets you get as creative as you want to in the kitchen or on the grill.


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