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Reduce reuse recycle and rescue
Reduce reuse recycle and rescue

Have You Heard of the 4th "R"?

We've added a 4th "R" to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as we encourage Canadians to rescue food waste from fridge to pantry.

It's all about Rescue. While you may think an ingredient is no longer usable for a meal, there's actually a ton of ways that you can repurpose 
or reimagine food, whether it's using cheese rind for flavour or dehydrating fruit for a mid-day snack.

We're here with tips and tricks for how you can make household groceries go further. Share your own ideas on social media using #FoodRescue!

Broccoli stem fifty ways

Don't know what to do with your broccoli stems?

We have the top tips and tricks to reduce your food waste and use your leftover broccoli stems in fun thoughtful ways. Whether you want to grill or blend we have a solution for you.

Simple ways to help reduce food waste

Broccoli stems don’t have to go in the compost; there are many ways to use every part of the favourite green vegetable. Check out some unique ideas and flavourful ways you can incorporate stems in any meal.

Rescue every scrap of food

10 Ways to Rescue Food

Click one of our ten tips to learn more about food rescue at home!

think ahead with extra bread

turn leftover bread into breadcrumbs

take your fruit further by dehydrating it to create fruit leathers for snacking

store it in the middle of the fridge where it's coldest - not on the door

store nuts in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresher longer

store nuts in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresher longer

store extra lemons whole in the freezer then grate for zest as needed

store extra lemons whole in the freezer then grate for zest as needed

save the oil from canned sundried tomatoes or artichokes and use it to build flavour in salad dressings and sautees

throw parmesan ends into sauces and soups to influse extra flavour

Rescue extra slices of bread by using them to keep brown sugar from clumping

Wrap it in wax paper before storing in the fridge

Let's Do OurPartTM to
Rescue Food

At Safeway, we're helping to spread the message, working alongside our partners at Second Harvest, Waste Reduction Week in Canada,
and the Circular Innovation Council.

You too can join the #FoodRescue movement and learn about different ways to help reduce food waste at home.

Select a rescue method to learn more about at-home waste reduction!

Food rescue logo
"Friend of" and featuring a recycling sign as well as a Canadian maple leaf

Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Waste Reduction Week in Canada was founded by the Circular Innovation Council, a community of people working to reduce food waste. While waste reduction is a year round effort, the third week of October is dedicated to celebrating the year's achievements.

Did you know, Canadians waste around 470,000 heads of lettuce, 1,200,000 tomatoes, and 2,400,000 potatoes each year? That's a lot of produce going to waste! By partnering with Waste Reduction Week in Canada, we recognize that we can do OurPartTM to help rescue food in Canada.

Find out more about Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Overhead shot of a packed lunch with sandwich and portion of popcorn, cut fruit and veggies.

Meet Our Safeway Food Rescue Partner!

QuoteThe biggest way we work on food waste reduction at home is having our girls help pack their own lunches and use what’s ready to eat at the right times.Quote - Samantha

We're working with Samantha of @mykitchenlove to share tips on how we you can practice the new 4th “R” - Rescue right at home by rescuing food vs wasting it. Whether big or small Food Rescue actions, doing your part can make a big difference in food waste reduction..

A woman working with Second Harvest is looking up to the camera with a smile on her face as she holds a large cardboard box filled with red peppers, cauliflour, carrots, and apples that have been rescued from waste.

Partnership with Second Harvest

Second Harvest is a global leader in rescuing food at all parts of the food chain. While food waste at home is a big issue that we all need to work towards changing, it's only one part of the 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted each year. Which is estimated to amount to $49 billion!

So, Second Harvest is the team finding food loss in farming and harvesting as well as diverting food waste from businesses to support communities across Canada.

This is why we're adopting the Second Harvest Food Rescue App this year. Already, we're on the road to reducing food waste and diverting to communities in need.

Find out more about Second Harvest

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