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This handy guide is meant to prepare you for grilling success, every time. From safe internal meat temperatures and ingredients that simply don't gel with the grill grate to assembly hacks and marinade musts, here's everything you need to know about grilling kabobs this summer.

How to prepare and grill kabobs

  • Choose firm ingredients. Soft fruits, vegetables, or cheeses will fall apart on the grill.
  • Sturdy skewers only. If not using bamboo or steel, a firm-stalked herb can be used-and will boost flavour. Rosemary makes great skewers; pluck the majority of the sprig clean (leave some at the end for visual appeal), skewer marinated meat chunks, and grill.
  • Marinate and assemble ahead of time. Preparing early means that when guests arrive, you're set to grill and serve.
  • Scrape and oil the grill. To keep food from sticking, this is a must. Scrape down, brush, or spray with vegetable oil, then turn on. Safety tip: Oiling a hot grill presents the danger of flare-ups as you work.
  • Hit the right temperature. A medium range of 190°C to 230°C (375°F to 450°F) is best for kabobs.
  • Watch those coals. On charcoal grills, move food closer to or away from the hottest coals. Tip: Don't forget about the upper rack; it's handy for keeping food warm without overcooking it.
  • Let the meat rest. A resting time of five to10 minutes post-grilling locks in juices.
  • Don't forget the marinade. A convenient way to marinate food is by immersing it in the marinating liquid in a resealable container. Distribute the liquid evenly over food before refrigerating, and turn occasionally to ensure even coverage.
  • Remember food safety. Discard all marinade that has been in contact with raw meat. If you plan to use some of the marinade for basting, or as a pour-over or dipping sauce, separate the batches at the beginning and label them to avoid confusion.

Skewer grilling temperature guide

Different protein types require different internal temperatures to be considered properly (and safely) cooked. Below is a breakdown of internal temperatures and visual cues to keep top of mind for the best grilled kabobs possible.

How long to grill chicken kabobs

Chicken should reach an internal temperature of 74°C (165°F) when pierced with a meat thermometer. Look for pieces of chicken that are opaque instead of translucent. Tip: Kabob chunks are smaller cut than whole-piece poultry, so it's best to cook skewers over gentler heat to maintain maximum juiciness.

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