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  1. The same-old: Pancakes or waffles with table syrup

    The swap: Make it fruity with our no-cook berry sauce. Defrost a bag of Compliments Jumbleberry Fruit Blend, add two tablespoons icing sugar and fresh mint for a hint of freshness. Indulge!

  2. The same-old: Traditional chocolate cake

    The swap: Go completely bananas with this Chocolate-Banana Buttermilk Cake, which swaps butter for mashed bananas, while the buttermilk lends great moisture and texture to the cake without the fat.

  3. The same-old: Chicken salad with mayonnaise

    The swap: Lighten up your lunch with non-fat plain Greek yogourt along with fresh herbs and veggies in your chicken salad sandwich. This recipe for Chicken & Sprout Salad with Greek Yogourt Dressing shows you how.

  4. The same-old: Mushroom soup with cream

    The swap: Reduced-fat evaporated milk can replace some or all of the cream in this terrific Cream of Mushroom Soup. Tip: Taste as you go to get the consistency you like.

  5. The same-old: Traditional trifle with whipping cream

    The swap: Greek yogourt to the rescue! Vanilla Greek yogourt is used in this Lemon Cranberry Greek Yogourt Trifle, complete with lemon curd, cranberry compote, and fresh fruits like mandarin oranges, kiwi and grapes. This video shows you how to layer it all like a pro!

  6. The same-old: Chocolate log

    The swap: Light ricotta marries with just two tablespoons of 18% table cream in this Chocolate Raspberry Roll for a delicious, creamy filling. Try it in your traditional jelly roll or chocolate log recipe.

  7. The same-old: Chicken pot pie

    The swap: Flaky phyllo creates a light, crunchy topping in this Phyllo-Topped Chicken Pot Pie. Without the butter crust, it offers up a lower calorie alternative to traditional pastry.

  8. The same-old: Classic roast beef gravy made with pan juices

    The swap: Try a tangy Shallot-Worcestershire sauce with your beef that will double as a delicious dip for roast beef sandwiches the next day.

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