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Bring home the ingredients for easy weeknight meals everyone will love. From our Ready For You prepared foods that help feed families on busy schedules, to DIY options to help you plan your weeknights - with these ideas, dinner's a snap.

1. Pizza night

Top down shot of a cheese pizza with dollops of pesto.

Take: Take & Bake Pizza

These take & bake pizzas go from fridge to plate in about 20 minutes. You can oven bake them or grill them for a wood-fired pizza flavour. Perfect for quick, everyday meals or for slicing into appetizers for easy entertaining when guests drop by. Available in our Kitchen Dept.  

Grilled naan bread topped pizzas with pesto, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, calabrese sausage, artichoke hearts, green onion and goat cheese on a white speckled plate and marble and wooden cutting board.

Make: Fast Tuscan-inspired pizza

A quick and tasty take on a Tuscan-inspired pizza using prepared naan breads makes this a perfect quick dinner that delivers on flavour. Topped with pesto, sundried tomatoes, sausage, artichoke hearts, green onion and goat cheese, dinner is done in 25 min! 

2. Quick and easy salmon

A marinated salmon fillet on a grey plate next to a side of vegetables flecked with fresh pepper.

Take: Ready-to-cook Marinated Salmon

Our in-store, marinated Canadian Atlantic salmon filets boast beautifully marbled, orange flesh that's ideal for grilling, pan searing, roasting or even smoking. These ready-to-cook filets are a convenient solution to dinner-just cook and serve. Marinade flavours include: maple-chipotle, honey Dijon, dill, honey garlic, Cajun or roasted garlic and bell pepper. Find them in our Seafood Dept.

Close-up of an pomegranate glazed salmon filet on a cedar plank.

Make: Pomegranate Glazed Salmon

It doesn't get any easier than this quick and easy Orange Glazed Salmon recipe. Just whip up the glaze and broil your filets. Dinner's done in 20 minutes from start to finish!

3. Quick Marinated Chicken Breasts

A light blue lavender plate topped with two grilled marinated chicken breasts.   

Take: Ready-for-you BBQ Whisky Boneless Chicken Breast

Quick and easy to grill or oven beak, these marinated BBQ whisky boneless chicken breasts are ready in under 15 minutes. You can get yours at our Meat Dept. for a quick weeknight dinner paired with your favourite sides.

Grilled chicken drumsticks with sauteed spinach on a white dinner plate

Make: Spicy grilled chicken

Better than takeout and easy to make, this made grilled spicy chicken recipe delivers on taste and spice factor! Pick up some easy sides from our Kitchen Dept. or enjoy with potato salad and a leafy green salad for a tasty dinner.

4. Caesar salad with a twist

Grey surface with clear clamshell container with black Ready For You label on lid and a full chicken caesar salad inside.

Take: Chicken Caesar Salad

Pick up premade grilled chicken Caesar salad for those nights when you've got limited time to pull a meal together. Pair with a fresh baguette from our Bakery Dept., and you're good to go!

neutral tabletop with white serving platter with large portion of Caesar salad and four chicken schnitzels.

Make: Chicken schnitzel Caesar salad

If you've got 30 min., you've got enough time to create your crispy chicken Caesar salad at home! What you need: Salad fixings, plus chicken breasts, flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, and the help of a sizzling frying pan.

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