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Warm weather, sunny days, and late sunsets are finally here-which means more opportunities to fire up the grill and gather around the table with those you love, sharing foods you've been waiting all year for. From saucy ribs to stacked-up burgers to seafood favourites and more, here are five menus packed with summer barbecue food ideas to get you in a grilling state of mind.

Easy burger menu

A classic summer meal, made with just a few staple items. Pile your plates with a towering prime-rib burger topped with your favourite condiments and a handful (or two) of barbecue flavoured chips, then wash it all down with a cold, fizzy, and refreshing Compliments Flavoured Sparkling Water. Tip: Have a little extra time? Whip up our easy potato salad recipe to pair with dinner.

Long weekend grilling menu

A weekend grilling bonanza can't be complete without a juicy, saucy rack of ribs. Pick up a rack of Nagano pork ribs-it's an exclusive 100% Canadian product with excellent marbling for tender, juicy flavour in every cut. Another easy win? Our Meat Dept.'s fresh kabobs, available with or without marinade. Serve it all with a side of warm, grilled corn on the cob, topped with jalapeno-cumin butter.

Steak night grilling menu

Make the grill sizzle tonight with a juicy cut of steak! Sterling Silver beef strip loins are well-marbled and tender - making them perfect for grilling. To round out your dinner plates, add a quick Caesar salad, and serve together with baked potatoes, topped with bacon-ranch dip. (And don't forget about dessert! Try our Bakery Dept.'s Neapolitan Cake.)

Rodeo roundup

Smoked tender meats, saucy ribs, tart lemonade, and a bright dessert-bring Stampede-inspired barbecue foods to your backyards this summer.

Pescatarian grilling night

Bring a seaside vibe to your next BBQ night! From grilled shrimp skewers and grilled tomato salad to steamed and grilled lobsters, asparagus and freshly made kabobs from our Seafood Dept., there are plenty of ways to bring coastal flavour home with you.

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