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We know fresh, but we also know busy families. So we put the two together! These fresh ideas for our ready-made and ready-to-cook skewers take the heavy lifting out of dinnertime, from turning grilled chicken skewers into a Greek-style wrap to taco transformations to a seriously delicious dessert.

1. Protein-based kabob ideas

Chicken kabob in a naan wrap with bowl of raita on the side

Chicken kabob wraps and pizzas

Using warm naan flatbread as a canvas, stuff it with grilled chicken skewer pieces and chopped tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion, top with a cool tzatziki and-boom!-dinner is done. Or try a quick and easy Chicken Naan Pizza: Chop the chicken from grilled chicken kabobs into smaller bite-size pieces; toss over naan with your favourite toppings and heat! Tip: If you keep the grill hot, you can BBQ the naan pizzas.

Taco night

With skewers of grilled beef, salmon, shrimp, pork, chicken, or lamb, you're halfway to dinner. Slice the protein of your choice, warm up fresh flour or corn tortillas, and start assembly! Pair with your choice of prepared guacamole, hot sauce, and fresh veggies and you've got taco night-any night!

2. Grilled veggie skewer ideas

tofu noodle bowl with grilled vegetable skewer on top

Fresh dinner bowls

Start with a base layer of cooked rice noodles or rice. Top with grilled veggies (removed from their skewer). Add grilled chicken, shrimp, or cubed tofu, top with your favourite hot sauce (or this Ginger-Peanut Dressing) and some fresh veggie slivers and you've got a quick and easy fresh bowl. Ready-made skewer suggestions: mushroom, pepper & onion; mixed mushroom; sweet & spicy pepper.

Fresh dinner salads

Who says salads are boring? Take this simple side and boost it to dinner-plate-worthy status with some grilled vegetables! Wash and dry your favourite greens, layer on grilled veggie skewers, drizzle with homemade Red Pepper-Almond Sauce, add the grilled protein of your choice and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Ready-made skewer suggestion: Beet, Peppers & Onion.

3. Grilled fruit skewer ideas

plate of fruit skewers with a bowl of chocolate sauce for dipping on the side

Upgrade your dessert game

Bought some fresh fruit skewers? Add a little wow factor with these easy ideas: the whole family  will love this Easy Chocolate Sauce-it's ideal for dipping; and for the adults, we have a Sweet Lime-Ginger Sauce. (Tip: We like laying the grilled tropical fruit skewers over a scoop of coconut ice cream and drizzling with the sauce.)

Fruit salsas

A fruit salsa is the perfect way to top grilled chicken, pork chops, or seafood. Try this Nectarine Salsa as your guide and swap out the nectarines and cherries for our pineapple and peppers skewer. Consider this your secret fresh summer recipe!

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