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Make your next grocery shop a little easier with these simple tips. Whether you want to pick the best peaches, bring home tender steaks to toss on the grill, or pick just the right cobs of corn - we have the information you need.

1. How do I choose a ripe peach?

Baskets often contain peaches at different stages of ripeness. Here's how to tell when your peaches are ready to use: check for a fragrant aroma, whether they are slightly soft to touch, and if they are dark yellow in colour. Have too many that are ready to eat? Put them in this Fresh Peach Pie.

2. How do I choose a ripe tomato?

You're looking for a consistent deep red colour and a sweet, earthy aroma. Ripe tomatoes also feel heavy and are soft when gently pressed. Not sure what to do with a glut of ready-to-eat tomatoes? Try this Heirloom Tomato Ceviche recipe.

3. How do I choose the best zucchini?

Shiny, sometimes slightly prickly, dark green or bright yellow skin. Zucchini should feel firm with a moist, green stem end. Avoid cuts, bruises, soft spots or dried and withered skin. A limp stem end can indicate zucchini is past its prime. Need some zucchini-based dinner inspiration? Toss this Zucchini & Spinach Pesto with cooked linguine and grilled chicken.

4. How do I pick a tender, flavorful steak?

Look for our Certified Tender Sterling Silver beef. This cut from Canada AAA beef brings marbling, as the fat woven through beef adds flavour and tenderness. Tip: For your next steak night, try our beef striploin grilling steak drizzled with Summer Green Sauce.

5. How do I choose the best berries?

Berries should be firm and plump, with bright colour and aroma. Avoid withered, squashed or mouldy berries. Once you've brought those berries home, try them in this elegant (and easy) new dessert recipe: Very Berry Vanilla Cookie Pudding Trifle.

6. How do I choose the freshest corn?

Corn cobs should feel heavy and plump (no missing kernels), have tassels that are brown and sticky (dry and black = old), and the colour of husk should be green. You can also look for slightly sticky tassels (a.k.a. the silk) and bright green, slightly damp, tightly closed husks. Tip: Don't pull the husk back to look at the kernels - this can damage and dry them out. Found your corn? Try it in this summery Avocado-Corn Salad.

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