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As summer kicks in and the sun starts to shine, why stick to just steaks and burgers on the grill? Let’s turn up the sizzle and extend the grilling season with a quick game of "Will it Grill?".

1. Grilled breakfast feast

Red plate with family-style grilled pancake topped with fresh raspberries and syrup

Who says the grill needs to be reserved for lunch and dinner? Imagine a lazy weekend morning, surrounded by the sweet aroma of pancakes sizzling on the grill. You can enjoy breakfast – with a smoky twist – while sharing a family-style pancake. Or pull out a cast-iron griddle for more traditional pancake stacks, set up a DIY fruit and topping bar, and start the day with a memorable outdoor feast!

2. Grilled summer salads

Bowl of grilled guacamole

Grilled fruit salad

Fresh salads take a bold turn on the grill this summer! Explore the vibrant world of grilled salads featuring fresh produce. Picture juicy Ontario peaches and grilled halloumi on the grates, creating a symphony of flavours. Want to bring this colourful salad to life? Get the recipe for our Grilled Peach & Halloumi Cheese Salad.

Grilled Caesar salad

Elevate your salad game with a Grilled Caesar Salad that boasts grilled lettuce, radicchio, and asparagus, crowned with candied pecans, capers, and Oka cheese. It's not just a salad; it's the star of your gathering! Get the recipe for our Caesar Egg Salad with Oka and Grilled Greens

3. Grilled appetizers

Bowl of grilled guacamole

Craving snacks and sides with a smoky twist? Look no further than grilled guacamole! This vegetarian-friendly delight introduces a gourmet-style touch, infusing a delightful smokiness into everyone's favourite dip. All you need to do is grill a halved or quartered avocado, chop it and add it to your usual dip mix-ins.

4. Grilled dessert

Who says the grill is solely savoury? Bring on dessert! After dinner, turn up the heat and grill a treat that will have the whole family craving more.

white platter of grilled pineapple skewers with caramel sauce

Grilled pineapple

Keep it simple, sweet and tangy with grilled pineapple, drizzled in caramel sauce; it's a tropical escape for your taste buds! Get the recipe for Grilled Pineapple Skewers with Rum Caramel Sauce

Grilled pound cake

In the mood for more than just fruit? Try grilled pound cake, topped with whipped cream and your choice of chopped fresh or grilled fruit. Try peaches, plums or strawberries in this warm take on shortcake. Get the recipe for Grilled Fruit Pound Cake.

This summer, let your grill be your canvas for creative adventure. Your menu is what you make it! And with these ideas, your backyard will become a hot spot for delicious delights and unforgettable moments. Unleash your inner grill-master and let the summer feasting begin!

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